You can’t just hand in loose pages. We can bind and secure your work in a variety of ways.

Wire bind:
Available in a range of wire colours. This is by far the most popular method of binding your book..

Plastic coil:
A traditional favourite, available in black or white. This method makes it easier to replace pages, while still holding tight.

Fastback binding:
We use an appropriate sized glue strip, add covers and apply heat to grip the edge of the sheets. the end result is low profile and more permanent

Perfect bind: 
The cover gets wrapped around and glued to the edge of the book. Just like traditional paperback novels. This is a durable method better suited to slightly longer runs.

Saddle stitch:
We fold your document in half like a magazine, add two staples to the spine and can even square off the spine to give a very flat and professional looking result.

Insert binders:
Hole punched sheets are put into an appropriately sized binder. We print and insert the spine and cover and we can even print tabs if needed . This is the norm for training manuals and tender submissions.

Thesis bind:
Have a look at our thesis binding page for a better idea on the options.