Envelopes and Mailing For Personal & Business Use

A full range of envelope printing and mailing services

In an era of digital distribution, there are still some items that are best sent personally. If you want to show your client that you care, or you need to keep a large number of people “in the loop” on issues, sending them or personalised mail is still the best way. We can help by supplying the envelopes only, or taking the stress out of completing the print and distribution of thousands of personalised letters.

Your envelope and mailing options include:Envelopes and Mailing

  • Single colour or full colour
  • Window face or plain face
  • Strip seal, press seal or lick & stick
  • Plain or secretive
  • Wide range of stocks and colours
  • Variable addressing
  • Very specific and targeted delivery areas

Some of the more popular sizes are:

  • DL (110mm x 220mm)
  • DLX (120mm x 235mm)
  • C6 (114mm x 162mm)
  • C5 (162mm x 229mm)
  • C4 (229mm x 324mm)
  • B4 (250mm x 353mm)
  • Custom sizes from seed packets and up.


  • Small runs for special events
  • Invites and ticketing
  • Volume based lower pricing
  • Local event notification (road works, power outage, street party)
  • Employee changes of conditions
  • Fully customised invites per recipient, based on your customer data

Why Choose Colour Tech?

We are experts in printing and delivering advisory notices to locals when there are road works or utility outages in their area. We have also helped the state government to notify thousands of employees of changes to their payment structure. This calls for absolute accuracy with total personalisation. For higher numbers we can pre-sort the data and save you money.

  • Print targeted and personally addressed mail outs to your database clients
  • Barcode accuracy ensures no errors
  • Automated inserting
  • Full lodgement facility with pre-sorting for Auspost discounts
  • Warehousing blanks for ongoing communications

Want to design your own?

We van help from start to end, but if you want to design the content Just ring for some guidelines and supply us a PDF. .

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