foam core / coreflute / gator / woodblock / PVC / acrylic / car magnets

How you display your work is just as important as the quality of print

Foam core:
A low cost, lightweight, rigid, reasonably durable 5mm board. suited for protected environments.

Gator board:
A durable, lightweight, rigid 5mm board for longer term displays

Fully waterproof, lightweight, rigid, 5mm board great for outdoor use and election posters.

Waterproof, rigid, 2mm board, great for info plaques or poster mounts.

Traditional 9mm MDF backing with either a straight or beveled edge. Comes complete with a hanging strap.

Available in various thicknesses. We can reverse print your image ans mount it to the Ultra clear surface. Giving a glass like appearance. We can drill holes and supply stand off wall mounts.

Any where from magnetic business cards to car side magnets. easily removed and replaced.